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 Robert Casmus, MS, ATC
GWS Supervisor – Athletic Trainers



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DIII Honors & Awards

Honors & Awards Message August 2017

MAATA Honors and Awards Information, Nomination, and Application Forms:
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NATA Honors & Awards

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Please keep these tips in mind when completing your candidate profile.
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Hall of Fame Committee Position Description:

  1. Review NATA HOF candidate nominations and applications
  2. Score NATA HOF candidates per the HOF Scoring tool
  3. Participate on average in 2-3 committee conference calls as part of the selection process
  4. Attend the annual HOF committee face-to-face meeting at the NATA Convention on “Committee Day”
  5. Respond to all e-mail request and deadlines as needed in a timely manner.
  6. This committee is most active the months of November through February

The NATA Honors and Awards are now open. I would like to encourage our District III membership to submit and nominate worthy candidates for the Hall of Fame, Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer, Athletic Trainer Service Awards and other association awards noted on the NATA website. The nomination forms and award criteria can be found on the NATA website.


I would also like to encourage our District III membership to submit nominations for the newly established District III Awards. These awards include Hall of Fame, Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer, and Athletic Trainer Service Award. The criteria and nomination forms below. Please submit nominations for worthy candidates that are deserving of recognition.


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