MAATA Governance Structure

The MAATA By-Laws are the framework of how the district operates.

Current MAATA Constitution and By-Laws 5/2017


Executive Council
This council is composed of the current District Director, current District Treasurer, current District Secretary and the past District Director.  This Council is responsible for the day to day operations and governance of the MAATA.

District Council
This council is composed of all state presidents within the MAATA as well as the Executive Council. This group is responsible for long term planning and strategic initiative with in the District.

MAATA Student Senators

District III Committees
Committee involvement is an important way for the individual members to contribute to the district and to the larger profession. Persons interested in serving on committees should express that interest to their state presidents or a member of the District Council.

College and University Athletic Trainers Committee

Governmental Affairs Committee

Ethnic Diversity Committee

Committee on Practice Advancement (COPA)

NATA Committee on Professional Ethics (COPE)

NATA Political Action Committee (PAC)

NATA Foundation Board

NATA Honors and Awards Committee

DIII Honors and Awards

Secondary School Committee

DIII Public Relations Committee

DIII Young Professionals Committee

NATA Committee on Professional Ethics




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